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Insights on the pulse of MR imaging

The Skope Monitor features insights from and interviews with scientists and MR experts.

Laser Lights
3rd of March 2020 posted by Dr. Johanna Vannesjö
Rapid, adaptive imaging for MRI-guided interventions
Dr. Johanna Vannesjö from the Spinal Cord Injury Center, University of Zurich discusses with Dr. Adrienne Campbell-Washburn, who leads the MRI … > READ MORE
Ponte Vecchio
11th of December 2019 posted by Paul Weavers
Bridging technology and application: High performance high-field MRI and translation to Neuroscience and beyond
In his interview with Paul Weavers, Ravi Menon, Director of the Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping (CFMM) at Robarts … > READ MORE
flying hotair balloon
22nd of July 2019 posted by Paul Weavers
Going beyond the PDF as an output for MR Research
Nikola Stikov, is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal. In his interview with Paul Weavers, he talks … > READ MORE
a sky full of stars, which should represent a million neurons
27th of February 2019 posted by Paul Weavers
fMRI: One in a million (neurons) – 12 questions for Kamil Uludag
Even though Kamil Uludag initially started a PhD in elementary particle physics, his journey led him to fMRI where he … > READ MORE
12th of December 2018 posted by Paul Weavers
Maximize MR value together – 10 questions for John Port
John Port is an ISMRM Program Chair and has been working for the Mayo Clinic for 18 years collaborating closely … > READ MORE
14th of November 2018 posted by Christoph Barmet
From image to information – 10 questions for QMENTA
QMENTA is a start-up which supports customers in neuroscience and neuroradiology in analyzing image datasets with the support of their … > READ MORE
Photo from a building where you can see inside the windows
26th of September 2018 posted by Christoph Barmet
An insight view on neuroimaging – 11 questions for Martina Callaghan
Working at the Wellcome Trust Center for Human Neuroimaging, Martina and her colleagues study higher cognitive function using neuroimaging techniques … > READ MORE
Flower looking like a spiral
10th of August 2018 posted by Christoph Barmet
The art of spirals – 8 questions for Lars Kasper
Working in two different labs, Lars Kasper is not only experienced in the development of MR methods but also in … > READ MORE
28th of June 2018 posted by Christoph Barmet
Computational psychiatry – 8 questions for Klaas Enno Stephan
Applying formal mathematical system models to brain function, Klaas Enno Stephan is shedding light on psychiatric diseases. Christoph posed a … > READ MORE
Dry landscape shot from far above
29th of May 2018 posted by Christoph Barmet
Anatomy and function – 6 questions for Nikolaus Weiskopf
Christoph was given the opportunity to test Nikolaus Weiskopf's diverse knowledge in the field of MRI through 6 questions and … > READ MORE

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