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Insights on the pulse of MR imaging

The Skope Monitor features insights from and interviews with scientists and MR experts.

a sky full of stars, which should represent a million neurons
27th of February 2019 posted by Paul Weavers
fMRI: One in a million (neurons) – 12 questions for Kamil Uludag
Even though Kamil Uludag initially started a PhD in elementary particle physics, his journey led him to fMRI where he … > READ MORE
12th of December 2018 posted by Paul Weavers
Maximize MR value together – 10 questions for John Port
John Port is an ISMRM Program Chair and has been working for the Mayo Clinic for 18 years collaborating closely … > READ MORE
14th of November 2018 posted by Christoph Barmet
From image to information – 10 questions for QMENTA
QMENTA is a start-up which supports customers in neuroscience and neuroradiology in analyzing image datasets with the support of their … > READ MORE
Photo from a building where you can see inside the windows
26th of September 2018 posted by Christoph Barmet
An insight view on neuroimaging – 11 questions for Martina Callaghan
Working at the Wellcome Trust Center for Human Neuroimaging, Martina and her colleagues study higher cognitive function using neuroimaging techniques … > READ MORE
Flower looking like a spiral
10th of August 2018 posted by Christoph Barmet
The art of spirals – 8 questions for Lars Kasper
Working in two different labs, Lars Kasper is not only experienced in the development of MR methods but also in … > READ MORE
28th of June 2018 posted by Christoph Barmet
Computational psychiatry – 8 questions for Klaas Enno Stephan
Applying formal mathematical system models to brain function, Klaas Enno Stephan is shedding light on psychiatric diseases. Christoph posed a … > READ MORE
Dry landscape shot from far above
29th of May 2018 posted by Christoph Barmet
Anatomy and function – 6 questions for Nikolaus Weiskopf
Christoph was given the opportunity to test Nikolaus Weiskopf's diverse knowledge in the field of MRI through 6 questions and … > READ MORE
25th of April 2018 posted by Christoph Barmet
A radiographer’s perspective – 4 questions for Julie Fitzpatrick
Julie Fitzpatrick has been working as a diagnostic radiographer for 24 years and engages in the qualification of imaging centers … > READ MORE
Washington D.C.
9th of March 2018 posted by Akshay Chaudhari
Recap ISMRM-RSNA Workshop on High-Value MRI
Akshay Chaudhari presents his key takeaways from the ISMRM-RSNA Co-Provided Workshop on High-Value MRI, elaborating on the assessment of value … > READ MORE
View out of plane up in the sky
12th of December 2017 posted by David Brunner
At home at higher fields – 9 questions for Benedikt Poser
Benedikt Poser has been working on functional MRI of many flavours and is based in one of the ultra-high-field places … > READ MORE

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