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skope-i | image production software

Your image production software for faithful imaging

State-of-the-art image reconstruction for advanced research

Skope’s image production software provides a versatile framework to reconstruct MR images based on actual encoding dynamics. The k-space trajectories measured by the Skope Cameras and the raw data from the MR scanner are combined to be used by a rigorous algebraic image reconstruction algorithm, allowing the production of more reliable and reproducible MRI data.

Save time and focus on your application

Developing and maintaining robust image reconstruction software requires significant engineering efforts. Additional post-processing steps are rendered superfluous by skope-i taking full advantage of the encoding data measured by the Skope Cameras. Saving valuable engineering time, the images produced by skope-i are ready to be used in subsequent data analysis.

Seamless integration into your workflow

Incorporating new image reconstruction software into an efficient workflow can decelerate current projects and studies. Convert measured MR data into high quality images with minimal user input by using skope-i. The usage of standard input (ISMRMRD) and output (DICOM/MATLAB) formats also facilitates the sharing of data and the integration of the software into already existing data processing pipelines.

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