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Coil array with integrated field monitoring

Data integrity for advanced MR applications and novel research

Fast and quantitative MRI depends on extreme MR system fidelity. Even minute deviations can impact the achievable image quality, geometrical consistency, and reproducibility of the obtained images. The NeuroCam provides an integrated field monitoring solution to correct for these image artefacts, resulting in more accurate and consistent imaging.

Save time and focus on your applications

Operation of an MR research lab which deploys and maintains custom hardware and methods for the acquisition of cutting-edge protocols is demanding. The NeuroCam provides a fully integrated head coil array with field monitoring capabilities, providing a plug-and-scan solution that can be used with no impediment to standard imaging workflows.

Cutting-edge imaging performance for more significant results

MR imaging is typically limited by the achievable image signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) ratio or permitted scan time respectively. The NeuroCam was designed for researchers to obtain highest SNR and parallel imaging performance for imaging in the whole brain. Shortened scan times, image SNR gain, and more robust single-shot imaging complement the benefits of field monitoring for non-Cartesian MRI.

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