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Advance your MR methods and leverage your hardware

Enable novel image reconstruction methods

Gradient encoding is the principal encoding mechanism in MRI. Deviations from ideal gradient fidelity often limit the achievable image quality, and in particular when using demanding image reconstruction methods. Skope’s technology allows the direct measurements of the encoded k-space trajectory, substantially improving the achievable image quality and robustness.

Improved calibration of gradient and shim systems

Incomplete or inaccurate gradient system calibration can lead to artifacts in images that can limit their diagnostic value. The Dynamic Field Camera allows for direct, fast, and accurate characterization of a gradient system. This enables the development of new and improved calibration methods, whereby the increased system performance can optimally leverage the available MR system.

Speed up sequence development

The development of novel MR sequences is commonly hampered by unwanted gradient behavior or programming errors, which are cumbersome to elucidate. With Skope’s hardware and software solutions, it is possible to measure the actual gradient evolution and instantly visualize all measured sequence gradients, expediting the debugging process without the need for implementing additional pulse sequences.

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