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It is our mission to expand the scope of what MRI can do

Over the rooftops of Zurich, a continuously growing team of motivated and driven Skopists of various backgrounds is working on the sensor technology and alogrithms for the next generation MRI.

Do you wonder how your application can benefit from our field monitoring solutions?
We look forward to hearing from you.


Christoph Barmet, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder

“The aesthetics of MR images has captured me since I first saw them. It is my goal to make MR images depict human anatomy and function in a truthful way. Fast and accurate MR imaging – free from artifacts and ready for quantitative analysis.”



David Brunner, PhD
CTO & Co-Founder

“It is my motivation to turn scientific findings into product innovations and make them available to a broad community sustainably. I see this step as a key for the ongoing development of technologies and as my personal challenge.“



Bertram Wilm, PhD
CIO & Co-Founder

“I like to turn our newly available field sensor technologies into functionality that can easily be integrated by MR researchers. With Skope, I want to enable new applications that make a difference in research and clinical MRI.”



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