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Optimized diffusion data for your studies

Consistent data for quantitative evaluation

Distortions of the individual diffusion weighted images caused by strong gradient pulses can lead to a loss of resolution in combined images and incorrect quantitative diffusion values. Skope’s technology allows you to significantly improve the geometrical consistency among these images by measuring the encoding fields with high fidelity and removing distortions effectively.

More reliable statistical analyses

The inherently low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in diffusion imaging limits the achievable image resolution. With the technology of Skope, you are able to choose sequences with the highest SNR. Reducing the achievable echo times will lead to the most SNR efficient acquisition, facilitating higher image resolution, shorter scan durations and more reliable statistical analyses or diagnoses.

Repeatable results with higher sensitivity and specificity

While single-shot EPI is widely used, it is susceptible to encoding deficiencies and suffers from a multitude of image artifacts. By using Skope’s hardware and software solutions, EPI becomes even more robust, enabling single-shot imaging with highest anatomical fidelity. Moreover, you can explore single-shot spiral MRI in order to achieve the shortest possible echo times.

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